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HOMIRO measuring systems enable the industry to manage complex and time-critical measurement tasks of functional surfaces considering the increase of quality requirements.

On the one hand the demand for fast, precise and yet mobile and adaptable measurement systems in quality assurance is rising due to progressing automation (industry 4.0) and increasing requirements of functional surfaces. On the other hand reducing costs by a full 100% inspection is favored.

Suppliers of metrology devices are currently not able to offer such highly precise and mobile sensor heads that are insensitive to vibrations.

The HOMIRO sensor head makes optical 3D measurements of functional surfaces with high spatial resolution in nanometer range within fractions of a second possible. This allows its usage despite of vibrations – for instance placing it directly in a production line of an automated process.

The measurement range is freely scalable whether microscopic sections or macroscopic objects are to be inspected. Due to its compact and robust setup the HOMIRO sensor head is furthermore suitable for mobile usage.

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  • Measurements in fractions of a second
  • Insensitive to vibrations
  • Achievement of a higher measurement throughput
  • Use of precise and mobile sensor heads
  • Fully automated application in production lines
  • Reduction of defective goods and complaints by a full 100% inspection